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China’s virtual reality market is very active


GUIYANG — Financial incentives and preferential policies have been introduced to support the virtual reality  industry in southwest China’s Guizhou Province, according to a VR summit onSaturday.

During the event, Gui’an New Area, an economic zone in the province and host of the summit,announced 10 policies and a blueprint for developing the VR industry.

The area aims to attract 70 VR enterprises with a total production value of 560 million yuan ($84million) by 2017.

The policies include easier VR business registration, and preference in land approval,government investment and government purchases.

Financial subsidies from 1 million to 5 million yuan will be offered to top VR content creators andbusiness incubators, according to the policies.

Gui’an will also set up an investment fund for the VR industry and support VR enterprises listedon the main stock exchange, according to the policies.

“In the short term, the Chinese VR market should focus on developing the VR industry chain andraise customers’ consumer awareness,” said Lu Shan, head of CCID, a Beijing-based think tank.

In Q1, the total global investment in VR and augmented reality reached over $1.7 billion, withnearly 1 billion coming from China.

Article souce: chinadaily.stfi.re

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VR can help overcome Fears ?

Could virtual reality in the form of apps or even games be used to help those fearful of
certain things and situations overcome these fears ? For example, someone afraid
of heights could be taken to a place high up above the ground and asked to do certain tasks.
Someone who can’t take small and tight places could be put into a virtual room that actually
does close in on them.

There are actually quite a number of research projects going on about the same.

Fear is within our brains. Our bones feel the same pressure to walk on a beach and also
while walking on a tight rope hanging between two cliffs! But the tightrope seems a scary
shit than walking on a beach.

Virtual Reality 3D glasses is not about hiding reality. These technologies help us expose ourselves and
eliminate phobias from amongst us so that we do not have any unnecessary underlying fears.

Vr has been used to treat phobias as far back as the 90’s. Sometimes it starts out with
simpler graphics that obviously are not real working your way up to more realistic. The
point being you can face your fears in a situation that feels safe but your brain buys into
at the same time. The US veterans department has been using it for the past 5 years or so to
treat PTSD.

Here is article about virtual reality 3d glasses help kids lose their fear of water.

Will VR devices hurt the user spirit?

As virtual reality headset becomes more and more immersive and the games and experiences look more life-like, one has to question whether VR could traumatize certain users? While I don’t think that I personally could be traumatized by virtual reality, I do not doubt that this could be a concern to many users, especially the younger and older crowds perhaps. Yesterday Jason Kingsley, CEO of British video game developer Rebellion,called CNBC and discussed this very topic with them.
vr games

“The trouble is that means it’s more intense. You’re surrounded by it and immersed in it,” explained Kingsley. “Suddenly it becomes more real rather than abstracted. Will a horror game give you the same physiological reactions as being in a horrific situation for real? Horror movies can be very scary or very cathartic or very terrifying, but horror VR will take it beyond that and do we want to be entertained like that?”

Kingsley also went on to discuss the possibilities of turning the company’s ‘Sniper Elite’ series into a VR-compatible experience:

“We have to consider that fairly thoroughly before we start on that road because you’re playing a war game and you’re killing artificial people. Where does one draw the line? Will you trigger PTSD in some proportion of your players? I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to traumatize my players and PTSD is a very, very serious issue for our modern soldiers.”

In my opinion he brings up very solid points. If some of the toughest soldiers can be traumatized in battle, what is to say that your 14-year-old nephew will be able to handle a very real simulation of battle in 360-degree VR? At some point the human brain could be traumatized to an extent which makes it difficult for the user to quickly recover once the headset is taken off. What do you guys think? Is this a worry we should have as VR gaming becomes more immersive and heads to the mainstream?

Article source:http://vrtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?3805-Could-Virtual-Reality-Traumatize-Users


SVPRO feel the horror, science fiction are more suitable for VR,What do you think?

VR film’s greatest charm lies in the 360 degree image brings immersive feeling.

Paranormal Activity


Some people think, VR film and television do not need a 360 degree image, only 180 degrees or 90 degrees on it. Because people’s vision is limited, when the audience looks at the scene behind, it may miss the main line in front of the story, so as to bring about the difficulties of understanding. In this regard, the author is not recognized.

VR film is the most attractive place? It is the 360 degree image to bring people a sense of immersion.

And if it is 180 degrees or 90 degrees, it will greatly weaken the sense of immersion, and even do not feel, so as to lose its greatest charm. Although in the VR in the film “how to get the audience to follow the creators set the story logic” is still not solve the industry problems, but it can pay to the creators to overcome, and cannot therefore deny 360 degree images on film creation brings huge subversion and brand-new field of vision.

In the past two months, VR film and television market development is in full swing. VR drama, VR film, VR variety, VR live, and so on a variety of film and television content in the major VR platform have sprung up out, dazzling, big blowout.

science fiction

I feel the horror, science fiction, adventure, aesthetic and other subjects are more suitable for VR. What do you think?

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what can do with vr except video and games?

David:General VR are used to play games and watch the video ah, but some of the high-end VR also used in medical, real estate, automotive fields, such as HTCvive.

John: used to learn ah, a lot of it, but most of them are used to play games and watch video, the current development of VR in this regard is more.

Angela:The phone box VR used to see the video is also about it, playing games are Kaka, I used to Samsung’s VR, playing cards.

Sandra:Heard in the house decoration is still very good ah, wearing VR can see how the virtual house decoration, to provide users with the choice of decoration, but I have not yet tried it.

Mark:VR is now developing fast, covering a wide range, but most people use VR is to see the majority of video and play games, VR and our lives are closely related.

What do you do with your VR device?

Article source : https://www.reddit.com/r/virtualreality/comments/4rg9b3/what_do_you_do_with_your_vr_device/