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SVPRO bluetooth vr glasses reviews


This Svpro portable bluetooth 3D VR glasses is a simply design. When it comes to new technologies, I appreciate simplicity. A few things I noticed: It uses 2 buckles to let you adjust the T shaped straps that hold it to your head. This combination makes it one of the more comfortable headsets I’ve tried. The cushioning around your eyes is very generous and adds to your comfort.

I have an iPhone 6 and downloaded a cool 3D app to give I a try. The phone has to be ready to go when you place it in the plastic phone clip on the front (no phone case). It fit well and I felt good about it staying in place; I wouldn’t do jumping jacks with it. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed myself. My husband did too! We used a rollercoaster simulator.

I would say for the price it is totally worth the buy. A fun device and well made.

Thank You for reading my review, I hope that it was helpful. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

By Karri Henry on July 1, 2016

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Where to watch the Rio Olympic Games live by vr headset?


2016 Rio Olympic Games through virtual reality (VR) technology to provide with 100 hours and 360-degrees videos for viewers. As long as the audience through a compatible virtual reality head, you can feel the site of the Olympic games.

Where to watch the Rio Olympic Games live by vr headset? SVPRO will share details with you.

First of all, you need to download a Sport BBC 360 application, which is launched during the Olympic Games that provide VR video content for the Olympic games. You can download the application on Android Google and apple iOS. If it is a Samsung VR Gear users, then you can download the Sport BBC 360 in Samsung Store Oculus.

If you do not have a VR device, you can buy a virtual reality glasses box, such as Google Cardboard and SVPRO virtual reality headset devices, as long as your VR head can be compatible with smart phones can be used Sport BBC 360.

Where to buy SVPRO virtual reality headset devices?

With VR head show and smart phone, you can watch the Rio Olympics VR by Sport BBC 360.

2016 Rio Olympic Games VR video broadcast content including the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the closing ceremony, men’s basketball, gymnastics, beach volleyball, boxing, diving, fencing and some track and field competitions, more than 100 hours.  by The Olympic Broadcasting Services Company is responsible for Screen capture work.

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First time to use 3D VR glasses headset

Andy:at first, I feel a little dizzy, but then it is good after several times.

Ben:I had the first experience in previous year, a friend found the 3D vr glasses headset in a foreign country website, then he give me a DIY box to experience, the first time I felt really magical. Later I continue to learn more knowledge of VR, and I’m still looking forward to the faster development.

Amy: I have a experience to enjoy DK2 by chance,at first I feel it is very strange,I played a roller coaster feeling better, then play a shooter game,which I forget the name,I feel dizziness and go to throw up.
Ark Survival Evolved
Tony: I have the first try with the idea which can enter another world,I play the roller coaster at the first time and feel a lot of fun,then later tried a lot of games and also had good results.However, it still can not reach the effect what i wanted,the key factor was my bad phone pixels.I hope i can enjoy the better VR in my lifetime.

Tom: first, a little dizzy,and now I’m used to it.

Eva: Feel very strange to see 3d while the first experience,awesome. Later i bought many vr  glasses to try and experience , except the cardboard, others are okay.

Young: I bought SVPRO VR display, feel very good.It is different from VR box.It supports WIFI and not need to use mobile phone,it likes a micro-computer.

vr beauty video

Are you play these gaming for 3D vr glasses headset?

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved


Put on headphones, turn on full screen, how many people can stick to the end?


Surgeon Simulator 2013

Surgeon Simulator 2013




EVE Valkyrie

Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

If you wang to play these games,you should spend a bit money to buy vritual reality glasses box or vr dispaly headset.So you can experience vr games 360 immersive,I think is very funny.

 vritual reality glasses box


vr dispaly headset


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