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Share the common problems on mobile VR games

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where you can find mobile VR game?

Answer: you can go to Baidu VR+ resources in the district around (Android VR game / Apple VR game), where basic included the at present all of the VR mobile games.

is be need to control it by handle for mobile VR game?

Answer: part of the game requires a Bluetooth handle, some games just need to have a mobile phone with the gyroscope function. General download page would like to indicate the control method.

can I play this VR game for my VR glasses?

A: recently many VR+ friends of the altar ask me this question, I to give you answer: Mobile VR glasses can not play a VR game only on your phone can can”t play this game, as long as the game you can run this VR games, then you will phone in to any adaptation of VR glasses, is to play. (except for a VR Gear such as a limited machine).

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