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What do you do with your VR device?

David:general VR are used to play games and watch the video ah, but some of the high-end VR also used in medical, real estate, automotive fields, such as HTCvive.

John: is also used to learn ah, a lot of it, but most of them are used to play games and watch video, the current development of VR in this regard is more.

Angela:you buy the phone box VR used to see the video is also about it, playing games are Kaka, I used to Samsung’s VR, playing cards.

Sandra:heard in the house decoration is still very good ah, wearing VR can see how the virtual house decoration, to provide users with the choice of decoration, but I have not yet tried it.

Mark:VR is now developing fast, covering a wide range, but most people use VR is to see the majority of video and play games, VR and our lives are closely related.

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