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SVPRO VR all in one

SVPRO vr all in one


  • 3D Intelligent VR ALL IN ONE — It’s a smart 3D virtual reality glasses which equipped with HD screen and camera,no need for phones.You can enjoy 3D movies,immersive games and take photos just only by it.
  • ✔Bluetooth Function — Support remote control,game handle,bluetooth keyword and other peripherals.So you can type and enjoy games easily.But bluetooth can’t connect your phone, laptop and tablets which comes with a host device.
  • ✔Three Viewing Modes — You can enjoy immersive IMAX movies by multiple choices:①online with WIFI(connect to WIFI in settings and open the Youtube to enjoy movies);②TF card mode(MAX 32GB,it means you can enjoy 3D movies wherever you are);③Enjoy movies that tansfer from notebook;
  • ✔Connect to notebook — By the USB cable,you can connect the display to your notebook and tansfer your photos,musics and movies from notebook to it.But it is just a tool storage when connected to a computer.
  • ✔Head-Mounted — Not only can you operate this display by key buttons,but also can be controled by head ,which makes you feel that you are on the scene.In addition,only if your myopia is less than 750º,you can enjoy movies nwithout nearsighted glasses.
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