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Make a VR glasses for $ 0

Actual operation

1. Open the carton, the more complete the better

2. Rough cut drawings, and according to the serial number

3. A reasonable layout, the drawings are glued to the cardboard box

4. After completing the above steps

5. Assembly with convex lens.Wonderful!

Learning more about the article that tell you how to make vr glasses.

Now,you can make your VR Glasses,come on !

If you have not enough VR resource,you can spend some money to for 3D VR camera that ctreate 3d video.

That is the video display how to set up 3d vr camera.


SVPRO bluetooth vr glasses reviews


This Svpro portable bluetooth 3D VR glasses is a simply design. When it comes to new technologies, I appreciate simplicity. A few things I noticed: It uses 2 buckles to let you adjust the T shaped straps that hold it to your head. This combination makes it one of the more comfortable headsets I’ve tried. The cushioning around your eyes is very generous and adds to your comfort.

I have an iPhone 6 and downloaded a cool 3D app to give I a try. The phone has to be ready to go when you place it in the plastic phone clip on the front (no phone case). It fit well and I felt good about it staying in place; I wouldn’t do jumping jacks with it. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed myself. My husband did too! We used a rollercoaster simulator.

I would say for the price it is totally worth the buy. A fun device and well made.

Thank You for reading my review, I hope that it was helpful. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

By Karri Henry on July 1, 2016

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How to setup Playstation VR with videos?

For the most part, PlayStation VR is pretty easy to set up. There are some tricky wires to handle and space requirements to clear, though, which Sony detailed in a new video series below.

The company released this quick and easy three part series today so that players can get up and running ASAP when the kit launches on Thursday. Part one gives you a virtual unboxing (if you hadn’t already watched enough real ones,) part two shows you what to actually do with the things you’ll find inside, while the third and final part tells you how to setup your play area so that it’s both safe and suitable. We really think this all could have been one combined video, but then again our attention spans are very…

Uh, where were we? Anyway, once you’ve completed these steps you’ll be good to finally dive into VR. It’s the end of a long chapter in the headset’s history, having originally been revealed all the way back in March 2014 under the code name of Project Morpheus. It arrives on October 13th with an impressive launch line-up including the likes of Battlezone, Here They Lie, and Job Simulator. If you’re having trouble choosing what to get, check out our 50 Days Of PlayStation VR countdown where we’ve highlighted one game a day. Just three days left to go!

You should also be sure to check out our full review of the headset, complete with our assessment of the hardware, design, and tracking. We’ll have plenty more PS VR coverage going forward, so stay tuned. There are also plenty of PS VR games we’ve already reviewed here with even more coming soon.

Article source:uploadvr

SVPRO website: 3d vr camera

China’s virtual reality market is very active


GUIYANG — Financial incentives and preferential policies have been introduced to support the virtual reality  industry in southwest China’s Guizhou Province, according to a VR summit onSaturday.

During the event, Gui’an New Area, an economic zone in the province and host of the summit,announced 10 policies and a blueprint for developing the VR industry.

The area aims to attract 70 VR enterprises with a total production value of 560 million yuan ($84million) by 2017.

The policies include easier VR business registration, and preference in land approval,government investment and government purchases.

Financial subsidies from 1 million to 5 million yuan will be offered to top VR content creators andbusiness incubators, according to the policies.

Gui’an will also set up an investment fund for the VR industry and support VR enterprises listedon the main stock exchange, according to the policies.

“In the short term, the Chinese VR market should focus on developing the VR industry chain andraise customers’ consumer awareness,” said Lu Shan, head of CCID, a Beijing-based think tank.

In Q1, the total global investment in VR and augmented reality reached over $1.7 billion, withnearly 1 billion coming from China.

Article souce: chinadaily.stfi.re

China SVPRO virtual reality product:3d gaming glasses,VR all in one,3d vr camera



Which mobile phone SVPRO 3D VR camera support?


Which mobile phone SVPRO 3D VR camera support?

SVPRO 3D VR camera is a new product which is invented to record 3D videos.The VR 3D camera only works with android(no iOS support yet).

These are the compitable mobile phone that we had tested:

Samsung GALAXY S5/S6/S7/S6 Duos/S6 Edge/S7 Edge, Note 3/4/5,


HUAWEI Mate 7/8/S,P8/P9/P8 max/P9 Plus/G7 Plus,


HTC One/OneM8,

SONY Xperia Z3,

Lenovo ZUKZ1/Z2.

We will still test more Android mobile phones.

If you have one mobile as mentioned above,you can diy your own vr video for mobile phone with 3d camera.

Free games about HTC Vive and Oculus rift for the Week of 09/14/16

GE Neuro, from Kite & Lightning

Gnomes and goblins
Gnomes and Goblins, from WeVR and Jon Favreau

Price: Free(VIVE)

Casino VR Poker, from Casino VR

Price: Free (Rift)

Magnetique 01, from Oniride

Price: Free (Gear)

Diggers, from Frame VR

Price: Free (Rift)

Ping URL:http://www.trendsloving.com/more_news/45.html

If you want to play 3D virtual games and only spend a little money,you can get a 3d gaming headset.


The first time expriencing 3D VR glasses

Andy:at first, I feel a little dizzy, but then it is good after several times.

Ben:I had the first experience in previous year, a friend found the 3d vr glasses in a foreign country website, then he give me a DIY box to experience, the first time I felt really magical. Later I continue to learn more knowledge of VR, and I’m still looking forward to the faster development.

Amy: I have a experience to enjoy DK2 by chance,at first I feel it is very strange,I played a roller coaster feeling better, then play a shooter game,which I forget the name,I feel dizziness and go to throw up.

Tony: I have the first try with the idea which can enter another world,I play the roller coaster at the first time and feel a lot of fun,then later tried a lot of games and also had good results.However, it still can not reach the effect what i wanted,the key factor was my bad phone pixels.I hope i can enjoy the better VR in my lifetime.

Tom: first, a little dizzy,and now I’m used to it.

Eva: Feel very strange to see 3d while the first experience,awesome. Later i bought many vr glasses to try and experience , except the cardboard, others are okay.

Young: I bought SVPRO 3d vr glasses, feel very good.It is different from VR box.It supports WIFI and not need to use mobile phone,it likes a micro-computer.

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Where to find VR resources

So we have a mobile phone, but also bought a mobile phone VR box or 3D VR glasses, we should learn how to find VR video resources?
In fact, there are three tricks for you to find VR video resources what you want.

vr video resources
What skills make you teach now? Don’t be impatient.
First of all, the first to find the phone VR resources of the trick is to download some of the professional mobile phone VR player software.

The player software which usually comes with VR video resources, on the market with more app: Storm mirror, UtoVR. In fact directly in the online search will have a heap of. Some of them might have an unexpected surprise Oh.

vr adult video

The second method, you can go to the VR forum to find the phone VR resources.
VR forum experts gathered. Here are all kinds of resources that you want. They will help you as much as possible.

The third method is to find the phone VR resources, you can try to look in Youtube.
Youtube websit provides all kinds of resources, and as long as you want, all to be able to meet you.

Do you believe that it is a revelation to find the phone VR resources? This is not a few big direction wrong, you can certainly find what you want.

Perhaps you need a 3D VR glasses now.

3D VR glasses

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