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VR can help overcome Fears ?

Could virtual reality in the form of apps or even games be used to help those fearful of
certain things and situations overcome these fears ? For example, someone afraid
of heights could be taken to a place high up above the ground and asked to do certain tasks.
Someone who can’t take small and tight places could be put into a virtual room that actually
does close in on them.

There are actually quite a number of research projects going on about the same.

Fear is within our brains. Our bones feel the same pressure to walk on a beach and also
while walking on a tight rope hanging between two cliffs! But the tightrope seems a scary
shit than walking on a beach.

Virtual Reality 3D glasses is not about hiding reality. These technologies help us expose ourselves and
eliminate phobias from amongst us so that we do not have any unnecessary underlying fears.

Vr has been used to treat phobias as far back as the 90’s. Sometimes it starts out with
simpler graphics that obviously are not real working your way up to more realistic. The
point being you can face your fears in a situation that feels safe but your brain buys into
at the same time. The US veterans department has been using it for the past 5 years or so to
treat PTSD.

Here is article about virtual reality 3d glasses help kids lose their fear of water.