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VR display or VR box

VR display is a more independent and appropriate product form, especially in the 2C area. And cell phone box is different include VR Gear, VR display get more advantage.



First, the difference of the screen and the visual experience

VR display and one machine screen is not the same as the choice of visual design. You need to take a cell phone inside the VR box, even if  Gear VR. VR display advantage that you can directly to the mobile phone of a whole screen into two separate blocks and in the visual design will have more freedom, so VR display will more excellent than VR display experience in the future.


VR display is difficult with the solution of space positioning and other interactive technology.

Later, heat and times.

As you know, Samsung gear VR was proned to equipment overheating problems, because the phone is devised to meet that mobile phone application, and compared to the application of VR applications and the mobile phone that big difference, higher load will overheating and reduce the frequency. SVPRO VR display can work 5 hours, and no overheating.

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