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The first time expriencing 3D VR glasses

Andy:at first, I feel a little dizzy, but then it is good after several times.

Ben:I had the first experience in previous year, a friend found the 3d vr glasses in a foreign country website, then he give me a DIY box to experience, the first time I felt really magical. Later I continue to learn more knowledge of VR, and I’m still looking forward to the faster development.

Amy: I have a experience to enjoy DK2 by chance,at first I feel it is very strange,I played a roller coaster feeling better, then play a shooter game,which I forget the name,I feel dizziness and go to throw up.

Tony: I have the first try with the idea which can enter another world,I play the roller coaster at the first time and feel a lot of fun,then later tried a lot of games and also had good results.However, it still can not reach the effect what i wanted,the key factor was my bad phone pixels.I hope i can enjoy the better VR in my lifetime.

Tom: first, a little dizzy,and now I’m used to it.

Eva: Feel very strange to see 3d while the first experience,awesome. Later i bought many vr glasses to try and experience , except the cardboard, others are okay.

Young: I bought SVPRO 3d vr glasses, feel very good.It is different from VR box.It supports WIFI and not need to use mobile phone,it likes a micro-computer.

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Where to find VR resources

So we have a mobile phone, but also bought a mobile phone VR box or 3D VR glasses, we should learn how to find VR video resources?
In fact, there are three tricks for you to find VR video resources what you want.

vr video resources
What skills make you teach now? Don’t be impatient.
First of all, the first to find the phone VR resources of the trick is to download some of the professional mobile phone VR player software.

The player software which usually comes with VR video resources, on the market with more app: Storm mirror, UtoVR. In fact directly in the online search will have a heap of. Some of them might have an unexpected surprise Oh.

vr adult video

The second method, you can go to the VR forum to find the phone VR resources.
VR forum experts gathered. Here are all kinds of resources that you want. They will help you as much as possible.

The third method is to find the phone VR resources, you can try to look in Youtube.
Youtube websit provides all kinds of resources, and as long as you want, all to be able to meet you.

Do you believe that it is a revelation to find the phone VR resources? This is not a few big direction wrong, you can certainly find what you want.

Perhaps you need a 3D VR glasses now.

3D VR glasses

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Adult VR content

According to reports, Bangers VR the U.S. virtual reality adult content company this week announced that it will work with the head of the equipment manufacturers AuraVisor, to provide installed adult content of the head and wear equipment in the hotel room.

vr beauty video

The service price is $20, the user can use the credit card payment. Bangers VR said in the announcement: you can choose a boy or a girl, and the scene of the hotel room will appear in the virtual reality, making the experience more real. In the virtual reality world, you will hear someone knocking at the door,.while boys or girls will go into your room, then you can enjoy a virtual sex experience.” Through the web site to provide virtual reality adult content, these content is suitable for iOS and Android mobile phones, Rift Oculus, desktop, Samsung VR Gear and other devices.

If you want to get more money by VR, you can learn more about adult VR demandsurvey.

If you want to experience adult VR hardware, you need to purchase a 3D VR glasses.


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SVPRO 3D vr glasses 360 video can help you learn to swimming

We were delighted to see elderly people enjoying the HTC Vive last week, but watching kids use Google Cardboard and 360 video to lose their fear of the water might go one step further.

The Swedish Swimming Federation recently revealed this new experience with the help of energy provider, E.ON. It’s designed to help the one in five Swedish children that can’t swim, by getting them to face their fears directly without having to even get their feet wet. It features members of the Swedish swimming team encouraging the viewer to join them in a pool, constantly reassuring them and asking them to join in. You can watch the swimmers from underwater, and even complete a length yourself.

You can visit SVPRO 3D VR glasses

It’s hard to fault a 360 video that’s legitimately trying to do some good. The stitching is a little rough in places, but that’s nothing more than a nitpick. You might also find the experience works better for you without subtitles; just know the swimmers are basically telling you that you can do it.

It might seem a little cheesy to someone who can already swim, but make sure to watch the second video just below to see how effective it really is. It’s hard not to crack a smile as you watch kids that are afraid of the water take a deep, brave breath and virtually sink below it. It allows them to sink below the surface and discover that there’s nothing to fear from the water. Want proof? The kid’s in the video are lucky enough to meet the swimmers and join them in the pool at the end.

For any Swedish readers that want to give this a try for themselves, E.ON is giving away specially-made Cardboard VR headsets for free right now. Once you get your kit all you need do it grab your iOS or Android smartphone, open the YouTube app and find this video. From there, hit the Cardboard icon, slot it into your headset and you’re good to go.

This is just one example of how VR can be used to genuinely help people and make the world a better place.

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First time to use 3D VR glasses headset

Andy:at first, I feel a little dizzy, but then it is good after several times.

Ben:I had the first experience in previous year, a friend found the 3D vr glasses headset in a foreign country website, then he give me a DIY box to experience, the first time I felt really magical. Later I continue to learn more knowledge of VR, and I’m still looking forward to the faster development.

Amy: I have a experience to enjoy DK2 by chance,at first I feel it is very strange,I played a roller coaster feeling better, then play a shooter game,which I forget the name,I feel dizziness and go to throw up.
Ark Survival Evolved
Tony: I have the first try with the idea which can enter another world,I play the roller coaster at the first time and feel a lot of fun,then later tried a lot of games and also had good results.However, it still can not reach the effect what i wanted,the key factor was my bad phone pixels.I hope i can enjoy the better VR in my lifetime.

Tom: first, a little dizzy,and now I’m used to it.

Eva: Feel very strange to see 3d while the first experience,awesome. Later i bought many vr  glasses to try and experience , except the cardboard, others are okay.

Young: I bought SVPRO VR display, feel very good.It is different from VR box.It supports WIFI and not need to use mobile phone,it likes a micro-computer.

vr beauty video