VR vs AR

What is VR?

VR stands for virtual reality is the simulation of a 3D image of any environment that allows interaction in a physical way. VR has been created to allow people to escape reality and make it feel like you are in the game.

What is AR?

AR stands for Augmented reality is a combination of real life and virtual reality. Devices using augmented reality allow you to interact with other people whilst using a device to browse the internet, use maps and control your music.

Examples of VR & AR

One of the most commonly talked about AR devices is Google Glass. Google Glass was created as an experiment by Google to see how well AR can be integrated with people’s ordinary lives.This allows customers to use features such as maps, messages and music with touch gestures and voice commands.

Virtual reality devices have increased in popularity with projected sales expected to reach over 2 billion pounds in 2016! Oculus Rift being one of the standout devices, They allow gamers to feel fully immersed in their favourite virtual worlds and make you feel apart of the game. Samsung and HTC have also released their own virtual reality headsets with a number of other companies set to follow suit.

Game Examples – Most Popular

There are a wide variety of games that are available using both AR and VR, most notably AR game Pokemon Go, which has been downloaded by millions of people worldwide and can be found on a large number of iOS and Android devices.

There will be a wide variety of game releases this year for virtual reality consoles with Minecraft coming to XBOX and Gran Turismo Sport and Final Fantasy XIV coming to Playstation. This will give AR a run for its money.

Which companies are backing VR or AR?

So what companies are backing VR and AR I hear you ask? Tim Cook, Apple CEO has stated that he thinks AR has a big future and will overtake the use of VR. Although, with no known plan of Apple using VR or AR this may just be their way of putting a damper on their big competitors virtual reality systems.

Snapchat is also a large backer of augmented reality with their popular filters that allow you to change your selfie. They provide different filters everyday for users to keep their selfies unique and even allows you to get your mates involved. This is one of the best uses of AR to date and has given Snapchat a new lease of life and helped it to continue growing its user base.

Microsoft Hololens augmented reality headset is being used in the NASA Kennedy Space Centre to simulate what it feels like to be on Mars. This augmented reality experience is one of many that are likely to be introduced at attractions over the next few years.

Alton Towers are going to take virtual reality to a new level by introducing VR into their new ride Galactica opening later this year. This will be an interesting development and could change the way theme park rides are made!

Over the past year both Samsung and HTC have released their own virtual reality headsets that can be used with apps on their devices. The Samsung Gear costing around £68. The device has been created by Oculus and works alongside phone apps, films and videos and adds a new dimension to your phone.

The HTC Vive costs from £759 and allows you to play games from the Steam collection and works alongside Valve providing users a wide range of games that fully immerse you into the gameplay. HTC Vive has currently been penned as one of the best virtual reality headsets on the market alongside the Oculus Rift range.

Article source: zeta

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