Adult VR content

According to reports, Bangers VR the U.S. virtual reality adult content company this week announced that it will work with the head of the equipment manufacturers AuraVisor, to provide installed adult content of the head and wear equipment in the hotel room.

vr beauty video

The service price is $20, the user can use the credit card payment. Bangers VR said in the announcement: you can choose a boy or a girl, and the scene of the hotel room will appear in the virtual reality, making the experience more real. In the virtual reality world, you will hear someone knocking at the door,.while boys or girls will go into your room, then you can enjoy a virtual sex experience.” Through the web site to provide virtual reality adult content, these content is suitable for iOS and Android mobile phones, Rift Oculus, desktop, Samsung VR Gear and other devices.

If you want to get more money by VR, you can learn more about adult VR demandsurvey.

If you want to experience adult VR hardware, you need to purchase a 3D VR glasses.


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