what can do with vr except video and games?

David:General VR are used to play games and watch the video ah, but some of the high-end VR also used in medical, real estate, automotive fields, such as HTCvive.

John: used to learn ah, a lot of it, but most of them are used to play games and watch video, the current development of VR in this regard is more.

Angela:The phone box VR used to see the video is also about it, playing games are Kaka, I used to Samsung’s VR, playing cards.

Sandra:Heard in the house decoration is still very good ah, wearing VR can see how the virtual house decoration, to provide users with the choice of decoration, but I have not yet tried it.

Mark:VR is now developing fast, covering a wide range, but most people use VR is to see the majority of video and play games, VR and our lives are closely related.

What do you do with your VR device?

Article source : https://www.reddit.com/r/virtualreality/comments/4rg9b3/what_do_you_do_with_your_vr_device/


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